USA anklagar Iran och…

…Iran anklagar Israel (för massakern i Hula, Syrien):

Victoria Nuland, the state department spokeswoman, said that Iran’s hand is clearly visible in the killing of more than 100 people, including scores of young children, by a Syrian militia group, the Shabiha, which closely resembles an Iranian militia, the Basij.

”The Iranians have clearly supplied support and training and advice to the Syrian army, but this Shabiha thug force mirrors the same force that the Iranians use. The Basij and the Shabiha are the same type of thing and clearly reflects the tactics and the techniques that the Iranians use for their own suppression of civil rights,” she said.

”It was Assad and his regime that created this Shabiha force to begin with. It very much models the Iranian Basij model where they hire young guys to indiscriminately wreak vengeance and do this kind of hand-to-hand violence.”

Nuland further implicated Iran by drawing attention to the timing of a claim by the deputy head of its Quds force, Esmail Ghani, that it has played a ”physical and non-physical” role in Syria, and that if it were not present ”the killing of citizens would be greater”.

We find it interesting that it was on this very weekend that the deputy head of the Quds force decided to take credit for the advice they’re giving to Syria,” she said

Och från Iran (Jpost):

Speaking at a weekly press conference, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast stated: ”Any crime committed (in Syria) can be traced back to the (Israeli) regime’s hirelings.”

Mehmanparast touted the UN-Arab League Annan plan to end the bloodshed in Syria, calling it the only way to settle the ongoing crisis, but blamed Israel for deliberately sabotaging the plan. ”We palpably feel the Zionist regime’s hand in Syria’s internal developments,” Mehmanparast said, adding that ”The Zionist regime’s backers aspire to the failure of Annan’s plan.”

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